Total Employee Involvement

Total Employee Involvement

TEI is concerned with Teamwork- Enthusiasm- Initiative towards achieving our organizations success.
“TEI is based on trust, integrity, two-way commitment and communication between us and our employees”, says the Director of Corru Cartons India Pvt Ltd. It is an approach that increases our productivity, quality, and organizational performance. It motivates our employees and make them enthusiastic to work better and better.

TEI is an ongoing process, which includes number of activities carried out such as:

  1. Yearly Medical Camp.
  2. Sports Tournaments.
  3. 100% Attendance Awards.
  4. Birthday celebrations.
  5. Rewarding Employees Suggestions.
  6. CEO Gemba Walks.
  7. Sponsoring Education.
  8. Tobacco Rehabilitation Training.
  9. Employee of the Year.
  10. Uniforms, ID cards and PPE’s

Benefits to Employees:

  1. Increases morale.
  2. Increases loyalty.
  3. Feels Motivated.
  4. Feels Happy to work.
  5. Solutions to problems.
  6. Healthy Life and Wellbeing.
  7. Sense of belongingness.

Benefits to Company:

  1. Decreases Labour turnover.
  2. Reduces Absenteeism.
  3. Getting Creative and innovative Ideas.
  4. Improves Quality and reduces wastage.
  5. Improves productivity.
  6. Increases organization efficiency.
  7. Getting best out of employee’s talent.


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