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Think Green. Go Green.

Think Green. Go Green.

Global warming is one of the burning issue and it is the result of excess greenhouse gases, created by burning fossil fuels and destroying tropical rainforests. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a major greenhouse gas and trees make great filters of carbon dioxide. According to United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) “Forests are natural and economically important ‘sinks’, sequestrating carbon from the atmosphere and locking it away in trunks and branches.
Considering this, we at Corru- Cartons India Pvt Ltd (A GreenCo gold rated certified company) in collaboration with NGO Navdrushti and Godrej Interio, jointly decided to initiate Trees Plantation Drive at Wada, one of the remote village in Palghar District. The idea behind the drive was to spread the awareness amongst the school and college students and make them responsible towards our mother earth. Aprox 350 Trees were being planted and adopted by the students. At early stages, care would be taken by students which will be monitored by us once in every month.
Some of the Tree Plantation Drive Objectives were:

  • Stabilization of soils,
  • Purifying the air we breathe,
  • Sustaining biodiversity,
  • Providing genetic resources and natural medicines.

Students gathered at Aspi Vidyalaya, at Wada for Trees Plantation.


Addressing the youths about significance of trees plantations.









A Student and company representative planting trees.








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