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Total Employee Involvement

Total Employee Involvement

TEI is concerned with Teamwork- Enthusiasm- Initiative towards achieving our organizations success.
“TEI is based on trust, integrity, two-way commitment and communication between us and our employees”, says the Director of Corru Cartons India Pvt Ltd. It is an approach that increases our productivity, quality, and organizational performance. It motivates our employees and make them enthusiastic to work better and better.

TEI is an ongoing process, which includes number of activities carried out such as:

  1. Yearly Medical Camp.
  2. Sports Tournaments.
  3. 100% Attendance Awards.
  4. Birthday celebrations.
  5. Rewarding Employees Suggestions.
  6. CEO Gemba Walks.
  7. Sponsoring Education.
  8. Tobacco Rehabilitation Training.
  9. Employee of the Year.
  10. Uniforms, ID cards and PPE’s

Benefits to Employees:

  1. Increases morale.
  2. Increases loyalty.
  3. Feels Motivated.
  4. Feels Happy to work.
  5. Solutions to problems.
  6. Healthy Life and Wellbeing.
  7. Sense of belongingness.

Benefits to Company:

  1. Decreases Labour turnover.
  2. Reduces Absenteeism.
  3. Getting Creative and innovative Ideas.
  4. Improves Quality and reduces wastage.
  5. Improves productivity.
  6. Increases organization efficiency.
  7. Getting best out of employee’s talent.


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Green supply chain

Our Change in Mindset from a cost centre, to an understanding of how socially and environmentally friendly practices can become value adding activities for Corru Cartons (I) Pvt Ltd, gave us a green signal to move towards Green Supply Chain.

Green policy

 90 % of Suppliers Covered under Greenco Awareness training program

Green Supply Chain Initiatives

Stepping stones to

Stepping stones to
The foundation of our successful workplace safety is employee’s involvement in identifying unsafe acts and conditions followed by providing them opportunities to minimize and eliminating the same. Thanks to TEI (Total Employee Involvement) Activities such as Birthday Celebrations, Sports Tournament, Rewards and Recognitions for 100% Attendance, Best suggestions and many more, which helped to change the mind set and developed a safety culture.
Corru Cartons (I) Pvt Ltd, Director Mr. Sandeep Agarwal along with his core team and fellow members always figure out innovative ideas and initiatives to create a safe working environment. Our employee’s safety is not only limited to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment’s) but also it extends beyond it. We believe PPE as last resort for safety. If the hazard cannot be removed from the workplace or engineered out through mechanisms, and cannot be mitigated by work practices, then, and only then, we consider PPE for employees.

Our Safety Suggestion Box is well utilized by our employees to share their valuable suggestions on safety and creating a safer work place. Many suggestions flow in monthly and our Safety Team acts on it accordingly. As workplace safety is important so is the Health of our employees. We conduct yearly medical check-ups camp, Conduct seminar on health hazards due to eating tobacco and smoking. Our Quit Tobacco campaign was proved to be successful when 40% of workers who were addicted to tobacco quitted it the same day and rest pledged to leave it gradually within some months.

Some Good Safety Practices includes:

  • Sign Boards displayed at Factory Front,
  • Defined Assembly Point.
  • Assessable Emergency Gate.
  • Emergency contact numbers displayed.
  • Fire Fighting Training at regular intervals.
  • Safety Posters displayed all over the shop floor.
  • Safety Guards provided on Machines.
  • Walls corner provided with Safety Edge.
  • Pallets used for materials movement inside the factory.

The seeds of Safety are giving us fruits in terms of improved productivity, higher profitability, standard quality and most important boosting our employee’s morale.

CII Annual Conference on Occupational Health and Safety attended by Mr. Sandeep Agarwal ( Director of Corru Cartons India Pvt Ltd) on 10th August 2017.

Growing with Going Green

Growing with Going Green

Businesses across the globe have begun to realize the impending impact of their actions on the environment and their contribution to the ecological sustainability. Towards promoting ecological sustainability in industry, CII has developed the GreenCo Rating System to assess ‘How Green is a Company’. Corru Cartons India Pvt Ltd, a Small and Medium Enterprise located in Palghar, Maharashtra is recognized to be the Gold Rated GreenCo Company by GreenCo Ratings. As a registered member with GreenCo, the Managing Director –Mr Sandeep Agarwal and his team journey towards going green started with the immense training from Godrej CII GreenCo Cluster. Godrej Interio played a significant role in molding our culture towards Sustainability. Our dedicated team brought forward their suggestions for Environment Conservation and accordingly we started the implementation work.

GreenCo Rating System

As on December 2016,85 companies are GreenCo Ratedand more than 250 companies are working on the Rating

595 Million Rs/yr-Reported Savings from 30 companies

First of its kind in the World, the GreenCo Rating System, is a holistic mechanism, that drives companies to pursue green & be profitable simultaneously and provide a path for continuous ecological improvement and guided phase growth. As on December 2016, 85 companies are GreenCo rated and more than 250 companies are working on the rating. 595 Million Rs / yr – Reported Savings from 30 companies. The Green Rating System for Companies advocates a performance based approach. It aims to provide leadership and guidance to businesses on how to implement green strategies.

CII Environmental Best Practices Award 2017 – 21 June 2017

CII in its endeavor to recognize, encourage and support the efforts of Indian industry in conservation of natural resources and pollution prevention organized the CII Environmental Best Practices Award on 21st June, 2017 at Hotel Conrad, Pune. Awards were granted to units, who made significant and measurable contribution towards development or use of cleaner technologies, processes or practices for environmental protection.

Objectives of the Award

  1. Recognize & award environmental best projects implemented in the Indian Industry.
  2. Facilitate sharing of information on benefits amongst industry to implement best environmental practices.
  3. Instill a sense of competition to motivate other industries to implement more innovative projects.

We were judged on following Criteria

  1. Energy Efficiency
  2. Water Conservation
  3. Renewable Energy
  4. GHG Emission Reduction
  5. Material Conservation, Recycling & Recyclables
  6. Waste Management
  7. Others (Ventilation, Site Selection & Innovation)

Few Green Practices Followed:

  1. Biogas Plant: Installed Bio Gas offset of 2448Kwh/year domestic LPG consumption reduced by LPG Cylinder of 15 kg .
  2. Solar Roof Panel: Solar Power of 30 KWP offset 37570 Units of Electricity.
  3. Rainwater Harvesting: 89% of potential rainwater is captured.
  4. Green Belt: The total green belt area is 32.66% of the total Plant area.

Padma VibhushanDr. R.A. Mashelkar & Padma Bhushan Mr. Jamshyd Godrej (MD of Godrej & Boyce) awarding GreenCo Gold Rated Trophy to Mr. Sandeep Agarwal (Director of Corru Cartons (I) Pvt Ltd) at GreenCo Summit on 21st June 2017 in Hotel Conrad, Pune.

Being a SME our company is one amongst the few who have Gold Ratings in GreenCo, this is a great prestige to us. We have now started involving our suppliers in green initiatives through Environment Policy and issuing monthly newsletters on Environment awareness. This Green Journey have made us realized that any investment related to sustainability pays back in terms of resources savings and also improves the bottom line. The journey has still long to go and we would be adopting the best environment friendly practices. Read More

lean way journey

The LEAN Way Journey…

Our clients pay for the products they buy and for the Value which we deliver to them. This Value delivering was envisioned by Mr Sandeep Agarwal (Managing Director- Corru Cartons (I) Pvt Ltd) long back and started the Lean Journey with formation of CII Godrej Basic Cluster in 2010 followed by Advance Cluster in 2015. “Lean”, is a systematic method for waste minimization “Muda” within a manufacturing system without sacrificing productivity. Lean also considers waste created through overburden “Muri” and waste created through unevenness in work load “Mura”.
No client will be ready to pay for inefficiency and losses due to wastage. The rework cost is to be borne by company itself. Through Lean manufacturing we have re-designed the Business Processes by reducing and eliminating the non-value adding processes.

We have achieved several milestones through The Lean Way Journey and this journey is still long to go, our dedicated team are always keen to identify the opportunities for better change. Through ongoing suggestions, new kaizens, periodic 5S Audits (internal as well as external) we are continuously striving to be more better than before. Thanks to Godrej Interio for Handholding us and made this all possible by associating with CII (Confederation of Indian Industry). Through CII platform we have got many opportunities of learning and sharing our improvements for which we have earned many accolades. To view our awards and recognition please click on below link.:        Read More