Stepping stones to

Stepping stones to
The foundation of our successful workplace safety is employee’s involvement in identifying unsafe acts and conditions followed by providing them opportunities to minimize and eliminating the same. Thanks to TEI (Total Employee Involvement) Activities such as Birthday Celebrations, Sports Tournament, Rewards and Recognitions for 100% Attendance, Best suggestions and many more, which helped to change the mind set and developed a safety culture.
Corru Cartons (I) Pvt Ltd, Director Mr. Sandeep Agarwal along with his core team and fellow members always figure out innovative ideas and initiatives to create a safe working environment. Our employee’s safety is not only limited to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment’s) but also it extends beyond it. We believe PPE as last resort for safety. If the hazard cannot be removed from the workplace or engineered out through mechanisms, and cannot be mitigated by work practices, then, and only then, we consider PPE for employees.

Our Safety Suggestion Box is well utilized by our employees to share their valuable suggestions on safety and creating a safer work place. Many suggestions flow in monthly and our Safety Team acts on it accordingly. As workplace safety is important so is the Health of our employees. We conduct yearly medical check-ups camp, Conduct seminar on health hazards due to eating tobacco and smoking. Our Quit Tobacco campaign was proved to be successful when 40% of workers who were addicted to tobacco quitted it the same day and rest pledged to leave it gradually within some months.

Some Good Safety Practices includes:

  • Sign Boards displayed at Factory Front,
  • Defined Assembly Point.
  • Assessable Emergency Gate.
  • Emergency contact numbers displayed.
  • Fire Fighting Training at regular intervals.
  • Safety Posters displayed all over the shop floor.
  • Safety Guards provided on Machines.
  • Walls corner provided with Safety Edge.
  • Pallets used for materials movement inside the factory.

The seeds of Safety are giving us fruits in terms of improved productivity, higher profitability, standard quality and most important boosting our employee’s morale.

CII Annual Conference on Occupational Health and Safety attended by Mr. Sandeep Agarwal ( Director of Corru Cartons India Pvt Ltd) on 10th August 2017.